About our campaign.

Eric's campaign is committed to transforming Pullman into a city that works for all its residents. We firmly believe that by working together, we can make a significant impact. As you scroll down, you will find more detailed information about who supports us, who Eric is, and some common questions we usually encounter on the campaign trail. We greatly appreciate your interest and thank you for joining us on this journey.

Eric Fejeran at the Johnson Parade with his supporters.

Meet Eric Fejeran

Portrait photo of Eric Fejeran.

Eric Fejeran is a candidate deeply passionate about his adopted hometown of Pullman and dedicated to public service. His diverse background includes coordinating the Federal Pell Grant program at WSU's Financial Aid Office, serving on the Board of Koppel Farms, leading the Whitman County Democratic Party, and co-chairing the community-based radio, KRFP. Inspired by Bernie Sanders' unwavering honesty and commitment to equality during the 2016 Presidential campaign, Eric aims to represent all residents of Pullman. He has developed an extensive outreach program to ensure every voice is heard. In addition to his political involvement, Eric served as the executive director of United Way of Whitman County, successfully bringing Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to the community. Believing in the crucial need for effective and responsive leadership in the current times, Eric is prepared to serve the people of Pullman. He envisions a future that benefits everyone and is eager to work together to achieve it.


It's time for a Pullman that works for all of us.

By constantly engaging with our community, this campaign has identified three key areas of focus: Affordable Housing and Development, Improving Local Infrastructure, and enhancing local services and recreation.

Frequently Asked Questions